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General Briefing

Post by Mewchild on Mon Feb 22, 2016 3:57 pm

Note, 13/05/2015, by Jakkar: Consider these materials pending update and finalisation - it's still useful, but it isn't to be taken as gospel.

Welcome to Heaven's Gate.

Your application to join the crew of the NSS Eternal has been accepted.

While aboard the NSS Eternal, affiliated local-space facilities and associated smaller vessels in the surrounding Anomalous Zone, you agree to obey the following rules:

Failure to meet the requirements established in the above document will result in disciplinary action, in addition to possible termination   of your employment contract, and removal from station premises without warning.

Additionally, crew-members below clearance rank X-1-Alpha should familiarise themselves with the following information:

The NSS Eternal, formerly the NSS {REDACTED}, has been transported by means of {REDACTED} to Sector {AMENDED-Heaven's Gate Anomalous Zone}, in orbit around {REDACTED}. Station priority is research of the Heaven's Gate Anomalous Zone. Crewmembers should follow Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) at all times, except when countermanded by the orders of a departmental superior or head of staff.

Crew-members of clearance rank X-1-Alpha and above should additionally familiarise themselves with the following:

Crew-members may experience unusual psychiatric manifestations while serving within the HGAZ. Study of these effects is one of the primary objectives of this mission. Please contact a central command high-security liaison upon your next crew rotation for further information.

We thank you for reading and hope you have a safe, and productive shift.


Welcome, newcomers, to Heaven's Gate Station. This is a medium-heavy roleplay server, aiming to refine the perfect SS13 experience, while maintaining a healthy blend of action and roleplay, order and unpredictability, as well as adding new content over time both in general and specific to our unique setting, the Heaven's Gate Anomalous Zone.

You will be expected to maintain a certain standard of roleplay, but if you do not feel confident in your writing skills or your knowledge of the setting, don't worry; not every character needs to be perfectly obedient, or talkative, or interactive. Just play the roles you feel capable of playing with a degree of realism, and remember to respect the right of other players to enjoy the game. In return, you can expect the full support of our friendly staff, who'll help you out in any way they can and will be keeping things interesting with a rich variety of custom events and content.

Please let us know what you think of your experiences on Heaven's Gate Station, either after the round in OOC, or via our forums. If you have any problems with game systems or with other players, or have any queries you can't find an answer to using Google, please feel very welcome to use the adminhelp feature to speak to a member of staff, who'll respond as quickly as they're able.

As a final note, the one sacred thing here on Heaven's Gate is atmosphere. Breaking the immersion of other players or the server at large through unrealistic actions or 'metagaming' will not be tolerated in even a single incidence. You will be warned, notes will be taken and if necessary you will be removed from play to sustain the story and keep the experience fun for the greater number of players. If you're not sure what 'metagaming' or 'realism' constitute in the context of SS13 in general or our server in specific, please feel very welcome to ask our staff questions at need, and remember to read the rules.

Thanks for reading, and once again; welcome to Heaven's Gate. We hope you enjoy our server.

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