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Post by Mewchild on Mon Feb 22, 2016 3:58 pm

Ignorance of the rules is no excuse. If you aren't familiar with typical "highRP" SS13 policies, reading these general rules is recommended. In keeping with common sense and decency, we may enforce some unspoken policies; we will add to these rules as necessary.

0. Regarding Dicks
Don't be a dick. Don't create a toxic atmosphere and/or go out of your way to cause problems for others. Everyone is here to have fun.

1. Regarding Admin Interaction
All admin interaction is to be taken seriously. If an admin has taken the time to observe an action you've done as being unruly, do not ignore them. You will be banned for leaving during an admin intervention, multiplied by other unresolved rulebreaking. If you feel a ban was undeserved, or that an admin is antagonizing you intentionally, please notify us on the forums.

2. Regarding Immersion
As we are a station that is mid-high roleplay oriented, please consider setting up a character with flavour text, job skills, and some medical, security and employment history. Having a Head of Staff that is 30 years old, bald as a newborn baby and mysteriously dropped into NT's lap is just not realistic. Spend some time on your character and keep in mind that you are on a prestigious, top secret station dedicated to science and anomaly research.

3. Regarding Griefing
Only under special circumstances are you allowed to cause direct harm to the station's integrity or crew's health. This includes dismantling walls, causing explosions, intentionally harming other players as a non-antagonist, and disrupting station atmospherics. There are several things antags are forbidden from doing, so if you find yourself questioning your actions please send an adminhelp beforehand!

4. Regarding Round End
No griefing at the end of the round. Antags may continue to be antags and sec may continue to be sec. If it is within RP, it is allowed. Otherwise, any griefing not allowed by special circumstances will receive a doubled ban time.

5. Regarding Traitor Interactions
Being a traitor or other antagonist generally means you get a bit more freedom with how you interact with the world around you. However, this does not permit killing everyone if your objective is to kill a single target. In fact, you should not need to kill anyone unless you specifically have an objective to do so. Use common sense and decide who it is necessary to kill and who is not. If unsure, send an adminhelp. If you feel your objectives cannot be completed in a proper manner, send an adminhelp to have them changed.

6. Regarding Metaknowledge of Antagonists
Crew knowledge of antagonists is heavily policed on this server, to ensure an enjoyable round for all players. Exhibiting knowledge of antagonist objectives, equipment or abilities beyond a reasonable level for your character's role is a punishable offense if your actions pose a risk to the quality of the ongoing round for other players.

7. Regarding AI
As an AI you are bound to interpret and follow your laws for the better interest of yourself and the station. Do not, under normal circumstances, follow laws which tell you to kill everyone or destroy the station. Assisting antagonists is only acceptable if you have been subverted accordingly. You will be considered for a job ban from AI and/or Cyborg if you break this rule. Always send an adminhelp if you are unsure about how you should proceed.

8. Regarding Metagaming
Metagaming is the practice of using OOC knowledge to directly benefit you IC. This may include characters having knowledge that's practically impossible for them to know (i.e. a chef setting up the singularity engine,) or using third party forms of communication such as Skype or Teamspeak to relay information about your character or the current round. If you are caught doing this, you will be punished based upon the severity.

9. Regarding Suicide
We advise having real reasons to commit suicide. Refrain from doing so if you find yourself in the brig for any time under 20 minutes, or in an attempt to join a special event. We try to reserve special events for those that are already dead. If you are playing a job that is important to story progression (you will be notified of this when you first join the game), please contact the staff before leaving the game either through suicide or simply going SSD.

10. Regarding Special Events
If you feel the desire to opt out of a special admin event please send an adminhelp rather than trying to take matters into your own hand. An administrator will try to work with you to make the event more enjoyable, or work on getting you out of it.

11. Regarding Offensive Language
We ask that you keep all offensive remarks, opinions, and discussions out of OOC. The administration may disable OOC if they feel it's needed to break up a discussion. Anything that is taken as unnecessarily racist/sexist/discriminatory/etc. WILL NOT be tolerated and can result in a ban. This extends somewhat to IC interactions, though it is allowed as long as it enhances the roleplay.

12. Regarding OOC Chatter
It is a general rule of thumb to keep OOC chat to a minimum to prevent it from being disabled. Do not relay IC information here, do not talk about things that are irrelevant here, and refrain from asking questions related to administrative matters here. These questions belong in adminhelp.

13. Regarding ERP
ERP is permitted between consenting parties, but will rarely be considered IC-appropriate for your role. Emphasizing ERP over playing your character's actual role will not be tolerated for long.

14. Regarding the SSD
An SSD player is one who has lost connection with the server, seen by shift-clicking to see [Player] has suddenly fallen asleep. You may put them in cryosleep if you suspect they will not return. You may put them in a more comfortable place ICly. You are recommended to leave them alone. Do not interact with their inventory, even to investigate it.

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